Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My own response to Fermi's Paradox

Hello, the other day I was reading slashdot and came across this new:


The Fermi paradox says that if extraterrestrial civilizations exist, at least one of them should have colonized the entire galaxy by now. But since there is no evidence of this, humankind must be the only intelligent life in the galaxy. The Space Review has an article on how the Fermi paradox can be applied to human civilization. It says that, like the extraterrestrials, humans have three choices: colonize the galaxy, remain on Earth, or become extinct.

So today I came with my own response to Fermi’s paradox:

As the technology and science knowledge of extraterrestrial civilizations advance, they feel eager to conquer the rest of the universe, but at some point in that way to the universe, they advance in science enough to know how does their brain work, and they realize that being eager to conquer the world is an impulse originated by their desire of power, which ultimately only gives pleasure because some neurotransmitters activate when “power” is achieved. So before they can even go and conquer the universe, they discover a drug which gives that same pleasure, but without conquering the universe, just eating a pill, so then they eat the pill, and dont want to conquer anything, because they are happy, and after that, they discover that disappearing is not such a bad option, so they decide to just disappear, so that’s why there’s no evidence of extraterrestrial life, it’s better to have drugs and disappear.

That’s the ULTIMATE ANSWER to Life, the Universe and Everything

and NOT 42

now you know what the life means, it’s just a self-replicating organism that when it will arrive to the point to think that disappearing is not such a bad option, we will disappear. Actually, that’s why in Spain, people have so few children
(see http://english.martinvarsavsky.net/new-ideas/why-is-it-that-immigrants-have-so-many-children.html )


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EN 3 said...

i think we might have the solution, 42millions solutions to the big big misteries, actually, other places do already exist, but only for verymultiprettymillionairegoodlooking&educated families.... they are already there, my cousin is actually on space, but he did not aloud me to go with him, because i am a gipsy, proud of being mortal

he told me that here on earth the goverments are already giving away such pills, they don't sell them directly, of course, but they aloud them to move around the world.

last saturday i went to a 200 people queerparty...
180 of us were on drugs, we might have spent at least 30euros each on getting this special desappearing pills... that makes 5400 euros spent only in that party

54000 euros in 10 parties in barcelona
540000 euros in 10 european cities,
only one night
but there are many nights+ many weeks

on sunday we were all sleeping or just disconected from reality

meanwhile, the governement was counting the money, to get ready to send some beautifull people to space...