Monday, November 3, 2008

children-proof world

I'm in a hotel in London. I have some back-sore so I went to reception and asked for some Aspirin or Ibuprofen: "We dont have any because we dont give the guests because they could be alergical or something. Its hotel policy". Fuck policies: I'm asking for an aspirin (not Ketamine or some Opioid), I have a fuc*in back sore I can't sleep.
This is something I find weird in England: Policy Policy Policy.

let's try to relax and sleep a little... maybe some mantras will help.

good night and long live policies !

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sex and the olympic city

"Sex and the Olympic city"... how much I'd love to have been there !

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Amazingness tech

This is one of those developments/technologies that really amaze me, and make me sad I can't live 200 years just to see how technology evolves. Take a look at the video... and think, how great would it be to fill in a form with: "How many lines of code had all the project in whose Elias Baixas worked and were not related to SIP?" and Tachán ! have the result right away !!! imagine the potential

enjoy !

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Loving aquamacs

Hi ! 8 months ago I was looking for the definitive text editor since I had just bought my new Macbook Pro... it was an intense research: I've always used Vim fluently (although not many plugins), Emacs quite a bit, and then I bought TextMate... it was nice but all my experience and pooled knowledge on Emacs would go through the sink.
But then I discovered Aquamacs Emacs... I must tell: It is excellent.

I was afraid it would be one of those marginal projects that start and only get some love once a year or so, but I was wrong: they've released two new versions (1.3 and 1.4) since I started using it, each new version Much better than the previous one.

Now I've been programming Rails, and I missed that feature of footnotes plugin that let you directly open some file that has thrown an exception by clicking on an txmt:// link on the page.

Ive been trying to create an emacsclient URL protocol handler with python and registering it to the operating system so that eny emc:// URL would be opened by EmacsCLlient (and thus AquamacsEmacs) but this way has been quite painful and at last I've found a much simpler solution:

create this AppleScript:
property eclient : "/opt/local/bin/emacsclient -n "
property eclientexec : "/opt/local/bin/emacsclient -e \"(goto-line "
property eopen : "/usr/bin/open -a /Applications/Aquamacs\\ "
(* copied from *)
to split(needle, haystack)
set oTIDs to the text item delimiters
set the text item delimiters to needle
set hay to (text items of haystack)
set the text item delimiters to oTIDs
return hay
end split
(*set t to "I really like pie"
set commentString to item 1 of split({""}, t))
returns "I really like pie" *)

on open location this_URL
set the my_URL to text 7 thru -1 of this_URL
set the my_FILE to item 1 of split({"&"}, my_URL)
set the my_LINE to item 2 of split({"="}, my_URL)
do shell script eclient & my_FILE
do shell script eclientexec & my_LINE & ")\""
(*display dialog my_FILE*)
end open location

compile it and make an application, then on firefox you just click on an emc:// link and it asks you what application to use, go and find your recently created appplescript App, and Tachan !!

I use 3, but I think it should work on 2, if it doesn't you'll need to register a protocol handler on your Mac for emc:// URLS, that is done by adding this:
(this should be XML but I've seen that blogger removes the xml tags, so indentation stands for the XML tags, quoted strings are the element contents, but when you create the XML you should *remove the quotes* !)
"EmacsClient URL"/

to the Info.plist

Then on the footnotes Rails plugin, change vendor/plugin/footnotes/init.rb

Footnotes::Filter.prefix ||= 'txmt://' if RUBY_PLATFORM.include?('darwin')

to be

Footnotes::Filter.prefix ||= 'emc://' if RUBY_PLATFORM.include?('darwin')

that should be all !

please if you've read this and found it interesting, leave a commend saying Yes ! !
so I will consider to continue posting my little mac-emacs-ruby-whatever tweaks or not..


Thursday, June 19, 2008

interface de pagina web

esta pagina web es acojonante, super cyberpunk, me encanta:


Friday, May 23, 2008

Continuous partial attention and the like

Yesterday I read the last writing from Paul Graham about procrastinating: he's completely nailed it down: distractions used to come from the TV, we banned the TV, but they now come from the internet, which is our work-tool !

Today I just read the one from Giles Bowkett (and TimBray reference), and I've repeatedly read aabout people's fascination with reddit/slashdot/hackernews... I used to be subscribed to slashdot but I finally got to quit (like w/ tabacco).

Now my only time-sink is my oh god how much time it takes !! I sometimes feel like the Little Prince when he had to prune his baobabs... every day he had to get-up early in the morning and execute this ever-lasting routine of prunning the baobabs, and if one day he forgot, more work he would have for the next day.

That's how I sometimes feel about, I have to go at least once a day to "prune" my feed-reader !! It's like if someone wanted to feed me with lots of info against my will !! so I have to go everyday to prune the info so that I don't drown in it if there accumulates too much.

It used to happen this same thing with gmail, but at some point I decided there was nothing wrong with having N unread messages in my inbox, so now I have my gmail with 2811 unread messages and nothing happens, I just feel allright... I don't prune the baobabs anymore, I just let them grow...
so I think I should do the same with reader... nothing happens if you start to let the unread items grow !!!

but anyway, I would really appreciate if google added a "Pause feed" feature to so that I could pause some feeds... Its *not* the same as unsbuscribing, because in I created my database of interesting news feeds, and some of them I maybe want to unsubscribe *temporarily* just to avoid information overheads ! so I use googlereader as a Bookmark or database of interesting news feeds that I always want to have searchable, but I want them to be temporarily paused, wouldn't that be useful ? to me yes.

de gimnastas solidarios a calistenistas autosuficientes

Acabo de dejar Gimnastas Solidarios, por fin ! después de un año en el programa "Apadrina un gimnasio", mi gimnasio ya se ha independizado !! me alegro mucho por él, ahora podrá hacer su camino sin mi ayuda ! espero que las cosas le vayan muy bien, al fin y al cabo este intenso año de relación nos ha unido bastante ! (aunque no lo suficiente).

Hace exactamente un año me apunté al gimnasio de la barceloneta, creo que era mayo o junio del 2007, en todo este año he ido 2 veces al gimnasio y una a karate !! y pago 33 euros al mes !! bueno, esto de apadrinar gimnasios ya sabeis que es duro, pero merece la pena ! cuando ves a tu gimnasio crecer, independizarse de ti e iniciar su propia andadura... es emocionante !

tengo que decir que me siento libre, libre de gimnasio y de recibos de gimnasio.

Quiero agradecer la ayuda de la ONG Gimnastas Solidarios que me asesoró siempre perfectamente en todo el complicado proceso de apadrinar un gimnasio, y en concreto a Soledad Gómez de Apadrina un Gimnasio por su ayuda y atención en los momentos más difíciles del apadrinamiento.

Ahora he iniciado una nueva aventura con Calistenistas Sin Fronteras. Después de haber visto las películas 300 y "Into the wild" (o Rutas Salvajes, en spanish) me interesé por el mundo de los calistenics, que aunque tengan este nombre tan guay, no son más que los mismos ejercicios que haces en el gimnasio, pero *sin máquinas*, es decir, que vayas donde vayas, estés donde estés, hagas lo que hagas siempre podrás hacer Calisthenics !!!

Basicamente calisthenics es hacer cualquier ejercicio en el que la resistencia la ofrezca el peso de tu propio cuerpo. Esto tiene varias ventajas: no necesitas pesas, y nunca te vas a inchar como un globo, porque tus músculos estarán hecho a la medida de tu cuerpo, el ideal de belleza griego!
Los típicos abdominales, flexioines, pull-ups... son calisthenics, pero hay más !

"Calisthenics originated in ancient Greece. It is mentioned as a Persian scouts' report on Spartan warriors before the Battle of Thermopylae, who misinterprets calisthenics as a sign of weakness."

Es decir que los Espartanos estaban tan cuadraos porque siempre que se aburrian se ponían a hacer Calisthenics.

Que me venga el Xerxes ese a tocar los conejos después de hacer mis tablas de Calisthenics, ya verá ya !!

Y el Cristopher McCandless de Into The Wild, también se pasaba el día haciendo calisthenics, y para los que no lo sepais, yo quiero ser un Cristopher McCandless !! (pero sin comer bayas de las malas, eh !)

best regards,


Friday, May 16, 2008


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

first meta-circular person

my first comic-blogging a-la xkcd

Friday, January 11, 2008

Elias, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful program

Today I started slime and it said something like "this could be the start of a beautiful program" and it remembered me the famous Casablanca phrase:
"louis i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship", so I made this little emacs startup greeting:

(defun startup-echo-area-message ()
(format "%s, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful program" (getenv "USER")))

just for fun.

on the other hand, I'm developing an emacs library to retrieve problems from directly to an emacs buffer, so whenever I'm bored, I can try to resolve those little beautiful mathematical problems in Emacs.

its almos ready, I'll tell you.