Wednesday, February 28, 2007

World domination ?!?! WTF

Hi !

I've been reading some posts and interviews to entrepreneurs lately, and one thing that I dont understand is the question "And what are your plans for world domination?".
Ok I get its a joke, but for example, dont-be-evil would be a corporate motto _totally_opposite_ to dominating the world. Domination is bad. "What are your plans for liberating the world from evil?" would be a much better question, maybe not that funny, though :P


I'm tired of those bullshit-bingo marketing-crap like "Voice and Data Convergence", "Fixed-Mobile Convergence", IMS...

FME+IMS+NGN= Bullshit Bingo !!!
(you win a piece of shit if you use the three acronyms in the same sentence)

everything is actually converging, I'm more left-inclined politically (which traditionally has been called being "socialist") and one of my best friends is very righty, I have muslim,jew,christian,buddhists,hinduists friends, and they all expect the same from life,

If you look at the future, everyone aims at the same objectives for the world.
If you keep arguing about how has the world been in the past and who had reason and who was the best, then you are condemned to be angry and sad for the rest of your life.


This new bubble 2.0

This whole web 2.0 thing is a bubble, no doubt, but this bubble is not bursting, it is going to fly, elevate towards the universe, bearing the earth with it, and elevating the world into a more social place where human race will develop and improve.

hahaha, ok, U caught me, geeky poetry doesn't sound so good :P

excuse me for being so hippy, my parents were hippies and I cant help myself

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NDA ?? what NDA ?

some time ago, I read a blog from someone from Mozilla who did know a very important thing, but was unable to disclose it until some day, so he wrote the message and posted an MD5 of the message so that he could claim he knew it in the future. I'm doing the same today, here it goes:

0eb1f2890bdaf2601909b73a1321465c -

geeks of the world, break it !


Apple for the masses ?

I dont own an Apple, though I like them. Once I asked my boss to buy me one, then he and another boss also wanted one, after 1 month I told him I no more wanted the Apple.

Apple works much better than PC/Linux, and for sure than Windows also. A friend of mine (Scott) once sent me this pic:

Ok, I have a dual-core pentium, with 2gigs or RAM with linux, and when I have 10/20 tabs open in ffox, it starts to go like crazy, burning CPU and memory consumption increases a lot. my friend’s computer may have 1 or 1.5 Gigs (speculating… :P )
I Think apple has always been the best for designers, and now also for programmers (freeBSD and so..). But anyway, it is a little bit elitist, there’s no way that in near future everyone can own an Apple, and I belive more in social-revolution than in good-companies, so I think eventually PCs will get better and cheaper, and linux is actually getting better and more reliable.

So by now I will remain with “the people”, who can’t afford a MacBookPro (or whatever its calld :P ) and who like programming and open standards, even if I can’t have 153 tabs open in firefox. it will eventually get better, I bet on that.

Furthermore, I know that Aqua interface is cute, and cocoa is cool also (ei, I dont have a mac, dont blame me if I mis-spell the names or whatever :P ) but I like being so frenzy on the new release of Beryl for linux, and I this feeling that invades me and connects me to all the other human-beings (or geeks ;) ) that also are very amazed on what Beryl can bring to Linux.

thats it :)


I know the Internet !

Once my boss toldme that he had a friend that one day came to him saying “I think I already know the whole of the internet, the other day I came across the page that I had begun with”. Its clear that it was a joke, dont know if my boss joke or his friends joke.

I actually thought that something similar happens to me. From time to time, maybe following similar link paths on similar subjects, I come across a page I’ve actually been before (throught a completely different path), this might have something to do with the “clustering coefficient” of the internet, pages on similar topics must link one-another and thus must be clustered, son once u enter a cluster, sooner or later you will be in a page you’ve already been (one day u where “navigating the same/similar cluster”.

Today I found a very interesting book (I thought I came across it for first time), and when I wanted to post it in, I found it already was on my bookmarks, so it seems that will help-me track my “how-much-of-the-internet-I-have-already-navigated” :)

I would be great to have statistics on showing you how much of the internet you already know :)

of course, silly my-first-home-page pages shouldt count !!!

and also would be nice to have a sense of the Internet clusters and clustering coefficients (I’ve learnt this “clustering coefficient” term in “Six Degrees” by Duncan J.Watts).


my explanation to the web 2.0 bubble

If someone asks me why do I think the 2.0 is not a bubble, I would tell him:

Investors need to learn where to put their money, otherwise we're lost. If u get enough hype, u can get investors for whatever you whant (that's what they call marketing).
SO in the web 1.0, there were these wealthy post-industrial moguls, that had their empire throught selling oil or manufacturing (shitty) things. When they saw the Internet (1.0) they thought "I'm the most clever of the rich, I'm investing in this revolution so I'll get richer than my friends". So they invested lots of cash into the 1.0, and the geeks all-over-the-world got a chance to get that cash. So after the 1.0 hangover, we had all these old riches without money, and all the geeks with lots of money to invest.
So at the 2.0, the investors are former 1.0 geeks, who are far more smarter, and care a bit more about the money (they don't invest in even if its social :P). So now the investors are the former geeks, who know how to run a technology business...

SO: the 2.0 is NOT a bubble, its the WORLD REVOLUTION !!!

elias baixas

My own response to Fermi's Paradox

Hello, the other day I was reading slashdot and came across this new:

The Fermi paradox says that if extraterrestrial civilizations exist, at least one of them should have colonized the entire galaxy by now. But since there is no evidence of this, humankind must be the only intelligent life in the galaxy. The Space Review has an article on how the Fermi paradox can be applied to human civilization. It says that, like the extraterrestrials, humans have three choices: colonize the galaxy, remain on Earth, or become extinct.

So today I came with my own response to Fermi’s paradox:

As the technology and science knowledge of extraterrestrial civilizations advance, they feel eager to conquer the rest of the universe, but at some point in that way to the universe, they advance in science enough to know how does their brain work, and they realize that being eager to conquer the world is an impulse originated by their desire of power, which ultimately only gives pleasure because some neurotransmitters activate when “power” is achieved. So before they can even go and conquer the universe, they discover a drug which gives that same pleasure, but without conquering the universe, just eating a pill, so then they eat the pill, and dont want to conquer anything, because they are happy, and after that, they discover that disappearing is not such a bad option, so they decide to just disappear, so that’s why there’s no evidence of extraterrestrial life, it’s better to have drugs and disappear.

That’s the ULTIMATE ANSWER to Life, the Universe and Everything,_the_Universe,_and_Everything

and NOT 42

now you know what the life means, it’s just a self-replicating organism that when it will arrive to the point to think that disappearing is not such a bad option, we will disappear. Actually, that’s why in Spain, people have so few children
(see )