Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Apple for the masses ?

I dont own an Apple, though I like them. Once I asked my boss to buy me one, then he and another boss also wanted one, after 1 month I told him I no more wanted the Apple.

Apple works much better than PC/Linux, and for sure than Windows also. A friend of mine (Scott) once sent me this pic:

Ok, I have a dual-core pentium, with 2gigs or RAM with linux, and when I have 10/20 tabs open in ffox, it starts to go like crazy, burning CPU and memory consumption increases a lot. my friend’s computer may have 1 or 1.5 Gigs (speculating… :P )
I Think apple has always been the best for designers, and now also for programmers (freeBSD and so..). But anyway, it is a little bit elitist, there’s no way that in near future everyone can own an Apple, and I belive more in social-revolution than in good-companies, so I think eventually PCs will get better and cheaper, and linux is actually getting better and more reliable.

So by now I will remain with “the people”, who can’t afford a MacBookPro (or whatever its calld :P ) and who like programming and open standards, even if I can’t have 153 tabs open in firefox. it will eventually get better, I bet on that.

Furthermore, I know that Aqua interface is cute, and cocoa is cool also (ei, I dont have a mac, dont blame me if I mis-spell the names or whatever :P ) but I like being so frenzy on the new release of Beryl for linux, and I this feeling that invades me and connects me to all the other human-beings (or geeks ;) ) that also are very amazed on what Beryl can bring to Linux.

thats it :)


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