Tuesday, February 27, 2007

my explanation to the web 2.0 bubble

If someone asks me why do I think the 2.0 is not a bubble, I would tell him:

Investors need to learn where to put their money, otherwise we're lost. If u get enough hype, u can get investors for whatever you whant (that's what they call marketing).
SO in the web 1.0, there were these wealthy post-industrial moguls, that had their empire throught selling oil or manufacturing (shitty) things. When they saw the Internet (1.0) they thought "I'm the most clever of the rich, I'm investing in this revolution so I'll get richer than my friends". So they invested lots of cash into the 1.0, and the geeks all-over-the-world got a chance to get that cash. So after the 1.0 hangover, we had all these old riches without money, and all the geeks with lots of money to invest.
So at the 2.0, the investors are former 1.0 geeks, who are far more smarter, and care a bit more about the money (they don't invest in pets.com even if its social :P). So now the investors are the former geeks, who know how to run a technology business...

SO: the 2.0 is NOT a bubble, its the WORLD REVOLUTION !!!

elias baixas

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