Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I know the Internet !

Once my boss toldme that he had a friend that one day came to him saying “I think I already know the whole of the internet, the other day I came across the page that I had begun with”. Its clear that it was a joke, dont know if my boss joke or his friends joke.

I actually thought that something similar happens to me. From time to time, maybe following similar link paths on similar subjects, I come across a page I’ve actually been before (throught a completely different path), this might have something to do with the “clustering coefficient” of the internet, pages on similar topics must link one-another and thus must be clustered, son once u enter a cluster, sooner or later you will be in a page you’ve already been (one day u where “navigating the same/similar cluster”.

Today I found a very interesting book (I thought I came across it for first time), and when I wanted to post it in del.icio.us, I found it already was on my bookmarks, so it seems that del.icio.us will help-me track my “how-much-of-the-internet-I-have-already-navigated” :)

I would be great to have statistics on del.icio.us showing you how much of the internet you already know :)

of course, silly my-first-home-page pages shouldt count !!!

and also would be nice to have a sense of the Internet clusters and clustering coefficients (I’ve learnt this “clustering coefficient” term in “Six Degrees” by Duncan J.Watts).


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