Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'm tired of those bullshit-bingo marketing-crap like "Voice and Data Convergence", "Fixed-Mobile Convergence", IMS...

FME+IMS+NGN= Bullshit Bingo !!!
(you win a piece of shit if you use the three acronyms in the same sentence)

everything is actually converging, I'm more left-inclined politically (which traditionally has been called being "socialist") and one of my best friends is very righty, I have muslim,jew,christian,buddhists,hinduists friends, and they all expect the same from life,

If you look at the future, everyone aims at the same objectives for the world.
If you keep arguing about how has the world been in the past and who had reason and who was the best, then you are condemned to be angry and sad for the rest of your life.


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