Friday, May 23, 2008

Continuous partial attention and the like

Yesterday I read the last writing from Paul Graham about procrastinating: he's completely nailed it down: distractions used to come from the TV, we banned the TV, but they now come from the internet, which is our work-tool !

Today I just read the one from Giles Bowkett (and TimBray reference), and I've repeatedly read aabout people's fascination with reddit/slashdot/hackernews... I used to be subscribed to slashdot but I finally got to quit (like w/ tabacco).

Now my only time-sink is my oh god how much time it takes !! I sometimes feel like the Little Prince when he had to prune his baobabs... every day he had to get-up early in the morning and execute this ever-lasting routine of prunning the baobabs, and if one day he forgot, more work he would have for the next day.

That's how I sometimes feel about, I have to go at least once a day to "prune" my feed-reader !! It's like if someone wanted to feed me with lots of info against my will !! so I have to go everyday to prune the info so that I don't drown in it if there accumulates too much.

It used to happen this same thing with gmail, but at some point I decided there was nothing wrong with having N unread messages in my inbox, so now I have my gmail with 2811 unread messages and nothing happens, I just feel allright... I don't prune the baobabs anymore, I just let them grow...
so I think I should do the same with reader... nothing happens if you start to let the unread items grow !!!

but anyway, I would really appreciate if google added a "Pause feed" feature to so that I could pause some feeds... Its *not* the same as unsbuscribing, because in I created my database of interesting news feeds, and some of them I maybe want to unsubscribe *temporarily* just to avoid information overheads ! so I use googlereader as a Bookmark or database of interesting news feeds that I always want to have searchable, but I want them to be temporarily paused, wouldn't that be useful ? to me yes.

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