Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The world is opening !

Companies used to be the ones who worried most about their "competitive advantage".
But since open-source, the "competitive advantage" is no more the source code BUT the knowledge of their technical staff.

The code is everywhere. OpenSourced code is available for everything. The new breed of programmers do not "code" anymore. They integrate code from different places. "Being lazy is a good property for a programmer", so lazy that he doesn't want to code anymore. He wants to integrate pieces to work together. The work is no more writing new code (of course things will always advance, we need smart coders !) but the average programmer only needs to integrate opensourced codes.
This might be behind mashups.
Eric Schmidt already talked about this. No more coding. Stuff is already done (see http://khloud.wordpress.com/2006/11/22/google-ceo-don%E2%80%99t-bet-against-the-internet/)

companies that opensourced lately:

Sun (java, solaris)

many more that I dont remember. Pleas leave comments with companies that are opensourcing.


Five said...

I don't think facebook has gone open source, they've just opened things up for third party apps to hit their platform such as the new COOP from the mozilla foundation. Using a REST interface, it's a non-invasive way to add social context to your site, such as having pictures and links displayed for a member of your webservice, who authenticates through their provided API. Take a look at this page for an overview and links to all the documentation.

Um, another one for the open sourcing approach is fivenines. I must confess to being a proud member there.

guillembaches said...

some people is tryin to copy facebook ideas ¿quĂ© buscas?

Ens linquem els blogs? guillembaches.

El how much is your blog worth no s'updata, has de fer-ho manualment.