Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Internet is a shit ?

I've been in

What this guy is saying is that there's too much people writing shit to the internet, like everyone has a blog, and they put their shitty images to flickr, and their crappy videos to YouTube... so he says the Internet is a shit, because most of content is crap.

"Give an infinite number of monkeys typewriters and they'll produce the works of Shakespeare.Unfortunately, I feel like I'm reading all the books where they didn't. I can't wait for the day when the internet makes me rejoice in its possibilities again. But right now, it's shit."

Ok, for me thats the shitty part of internet 1.0, internet 2.0 means that if you gather those infinite number of monkeys with typewriters, and then you gather an infinite number of people reading that shit _and_ classifying the shit as "Very Shitty", "Not that shitty", "Not shitty at all", "Quite Interesting", "Good", "Brilliant" and "Shakespeare",

then you end up with lots of shakespeare quality level content, that has been classified and is easily accessible for everyone... thats _NOT_ thanks to the monkeys, that's thanks to all the people that are classifying the massive amount of shit the monkeys do. SO maybe the value is in classification, and coordination, and also the monkeys should take a part of it :)

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